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Guide To 4 Types Of PPE Used In Healthcare

Guide To 4 Types Of PPE Used In Healthcare

Posted on September 7, 2023

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential for healthcare professionals to protect themselves from infectious diseases and other hazards they may encounter while providing care to patients. PPE includes a range of equipment such as gloves, aprons, masks, and eye shields. In this article, we will discuss the different types of PPE and their uses in healthcare.


Gloves are one of the most commonly used types of PPE in healthcare settings.

In healthcare settings, you’ll find a variety of gloves made from different materials such as latex, nitrile and vinyl. Gloves are worn to protect the hands of healthcare professionals from contact with blood, bodily fluids and other infectious materials. They also prevent cross-contamination between patients. Gloves should be changed after each patient encounter or when they become damaged.


Aprons are worn to protect the clothing from being contaminated by blood or other bodily fluids. Aprons can be made from different materials such as plastic or cloth. Disposable aprons should be discarded after each patient encounter, while reusable aprons should be washed and disinfected before reuse.


Masks are used to protect the respiratory system from inhaling infectious droplets or particles.

There are different types of masks such as surgical masks, respirators and face shields. 

Surgical masks are used to prevent the spread of respiratory infections from the wearer to others, while respirators provide protection against airborne infectious particles. Face shields are used to protect the eyes, nose, and mouth from exposure to infectious droplets.

Eye Shields

Eye shields are another type of PPE used to protect the eyes from exposure to infectious droplets or particles. They are typically made from clear plastic and cover the entire eye area. Eye shields are worn in conjunction with masks to provide full protection to the face.

In conclusion, personal protective equipment is crucial in healthcare settings to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases and other hazards. Gloves, aprons, masks, and eye shields are among the most commonly used types of PPE in healthcare. 

Healthcare professionals should be trained on the proper use and disposal of PPE to ensure their safety and the safety of their patients. By following these guidelines, healthcare professionals can provide high-quality care while minimising the risk of exposure to infectious diseases.

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