DTE Endomatic Cordless Endo Motor + Apex Locator

  • Product code: F2M256

Endomatic Cordless Motor + Integrated Apex Locator

The 2 in 1 Endomatic, provides both Endo file functions plus integrated apex location for a more accurate and efficient procedure. With a fully autoclavable resin contra-angle motor head, there is no need for silicone sleeves. Providing a clear working view and efficient sterilisation between patients.

Boasting a 2000Mah battery, the Endomatic provides ultra-long working time before the need to recharge, without the heavy weight. Central weight distribution balances out the handpiece for a comfortable use even during long procedures.

With a 300C head rotation, ambidextrous display and ergonomic design, the Endomatic provides an ultra user-friendly experience. Dual headed apex lead can be plugged into the reverse side for apex function without encumbering the user.

Auto stop and Auto reverse function ensures accurate treatment without damage to healthy tissue, maintaining the root canal structure. With a large range of file system pre-sets and multiple additional settings, the Endomatic is fully adjustable and allows use with an extensive endo systems for full compatibility.

  • Apex Locator integrated into system.
  • Featuring a wireless charging system.
  • Reciprocating and standard motion.
  • Auto Stop / Reverse function.
  • Push type miniature head.
  • Insulated High Grade Polymer Head.
  • 8 Hour Battery, with 90 Minutes continuous run time.
  • Cordless for complete freedom of movement.
  • Major endo systems settings pre – programmed.
  • Rotation speed: 100rpm-1000rpm.
  • Torque: 0.4Ncm-5.0Ncm(4mNm-50mNm
  • Automatic Torque Calibration.
  • Wide range for Speed, Torque, Angle and multiple settings.
  • Has over 20 different file systems.
  • Contra angle handpiece is adjustable 300 Degree.
  • CE Certified with 12 months UK warranty.

Video Specs:  Woodpecker DTE Endomatic

Product Review: Review & Demo 

PDF Manual: Endomatic User Guide



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