White Prep Files 25mm – #16 (6 Pack)

  • Product code: F2M149A
  • Prep File size #16
  • Colour:  White Band
  • Easy to use.
  • Excellent Performance.
  • Heat treated Gold Nickel-Titanium for advanced flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue.
  • Suitable for curved canals.
  • Suitable for complex canal treatment.
  • More flexible than traditional Hand files.
  • 6 Files per pack
  • Recommended speed: 325 – 375rmp
  • Torque: 3.00 N/cm
  • Taper: .02

Why Choose Prep files instead of manual stainless steel files?

Prep Files substantially shorten preparation time for creating a glide path compared to manual stainless steel files, and provide greater flexibility for more complex canals.




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