Dental Tubing 4 / 6 Hole

  • Product code: F2M248

Durable and flexible tubing, with a smooth silicone sleeve on the outside. For connecting Handpieces, Couplings, Air motors etc. to the dental cart. 

  • 1 x  Dental Tubing with wire & water pipe connection.
  • Dental Cart Tubing for 4 Hole (Midwest) or 6 Hole (LED) connection.
  • Material: Silicone.
  • Suitable for dental air turbine motor/handpiece connection.
  • Please see images below to see the 4 or 6 hole connection.
  • Standard length 1.7M   (1.5M Reach once connected)

(This tubing should be installed by a professional engineer)

From £27.95


Additional information

Tubing Size

4 Hole- F2M248A, 6 Hole- F2M248


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