Centre Feed Roll Dispenser

  • Product code: F2M238

Wall mountable dispenser for Centre Feed Rolls.

  • A mountable dispenser to provide easy access to your centre feed roll.
  • Provides protection from moisture and dust, while making it easier to dispense the required amount of paper towel.
  • Easily tear towel away without touching the roll or dispenser for reduced cross contamination.

Suitable for use with standard centre feed rolls.


Multi Purchase Discount

Quantity Price
1 - 2 £19.95
3+ £17.95

How to use:

  • Remove any card tube which may be in the centre of the roll by pushing it out.
  • Pull a small amount of towel from the centre of the roll to start the feed.
  • Open the front of the unit using the unlocking tab at the top. A 2 pin key is included with the unit.
  • Pull open the front cover and position the roll with the start of the feed facing downwards through the bottom U shape hole.
  • Close the dispenser with the roll inside, reach under and pull the paper roll from where you started the feed.
  • Once you pulled out the amount of paper required, pull forward against the dispenser to break away towel.


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