Air Abrasion System With Spray – 4 Hole Connection

  • Product code: F2M409

Coxo CA-1 Airflow Polisher System With Spray


A fully portable air abrasion / dental Sandblasting system. Just connect to your 4 hole / Midwest tubing or even 6 Hole tubing with simple screw on installation and removal from your tubing.

With an ergonomic design for comfortable grip and simple operation using the side button. The 4 point water spray head, provides 360° rotatable nozzle for better positioning and ease of removal and cleaning.

For Dry and Wet use. Negative pressure balance prevents external moisture entering the sand bottle, reducing clogs and maintaining consistent output.


New & Improved design, no need for replacement filter cartridges – See new user guide in downloads. 


Kit Includes:

  • Air Abrasion Unit
  • Cannister tanks x 2
  • Spare O-Rings x 3
  • Replacement Filter Cartridge x 2
  • Cleaning Wire x 1
  • Instruction Manual


  • Large capacity tank – up to 31g
  • 360° Rotatable head.
  • Tungsten steel nozzle head for longer life.
  • Dual use – Dry and Wet.
  • Multi-point Air & Water spray.
  • Small Light-weight body for better user comfort.

Recommended use of powder:

  1. Used to quickly remove stubborn adherents on the treated surface: white alumina particles with a particle size of 90 microns;
  2. Used for bonding preparation on metal or non-metal surface: white alumina particles with a particle size of 50 microns;
  3. For surface polishing: white alumina particles with a size of 27 microns.



Working pressure – 3 Bar ~ 6 Bar

Hydraulic pressure – 2 Bar


(When operating the microabrasion unit please ensure proper safety wear is used,  including eye protection and mask. Recommended to be used in blasting chamber.

Not for use in patient oral cavity for treatments / Procedures.)

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