Woodpecker UDS-E – EMS Compatible Scaler Unit (LED)

  • Product code: F2M228L

Woodpecker UDS-E Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler – EMS Compatible.

Stand alone, ready to use scaling unit. Water is supplied through water bottle and unit is controlled via foot pedal. With three scaling functions and all kit included to get you started. Simply connect to a mains power supply.

  • Woodpecker UDS-E Piezo Scaler.
  • EMS Compatible.
  • LED Unit.
  • Detachable handpiece which is autoclavable.
  • No heat from tip during operation.
  • Vibration Frequency 28kHz.
  • Settings: General, Perio and Endo Scaling.
  • 1 year warranty on Scaler Unit.
  • 6 month warranty on Scaler Handpiece.



  • Water Bottle.
  • Power Cable.
  • Foot Pedal.
  • EMS Compatible Handpiece.
  • 5 x Scaling Tips
  • 1 x Endo Tip.


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