C-SAILOR PRO+ Dental Surgical & Implantation Unit

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The COXO C-SAILOR PRO+ Dental implantation system with surgical mode.

Includes 2 Handpieces: 1 x Implant Handpiece 20:1  +  1 X Surgical Handpiece 1:4.2

Easily control the mode, function, water output, Handpiece light output, and direction using the large touch screen display. Program function, Water, and LED light can also be controlled via the Wireless pedal.

Surgical mode functions include Tooth extraction, Apical resection, Wisdom teeth, Sinus lift, High-speed mode, Low-speed mode, Straight Handpiece and Rinsing.

Create a preferred implant program on implantation mode using functions such as Pilot Marker, Twist Drill, Profile Drill, Implant Placement, Cover Screw and more.

WATCH: C-Sailor Pro+ INTRO

WATCH: C-Sailor Pro+ Operation Steps 


Part of COXO’s range of dismountable physiodispensers. The C-Sailor Pro+ combines efficiency and accuracy for multiple procedures, designed with reliability in mind. This brushless implant motor provides the power and speed necessary for efficient implantation, with adjustable torque, water spray, and light, the motor provides ultimate user control and compatibility.

Unit comes with 2 handpieces, an implanter handpiece and surgical 1:4. 2 handpiece.

C-Sailor Pro+ Contents:

  • Control Unit x 1
  • Power Cord x 1
  • Fuse x 2
  • Irrigation Hanger x 1
  • Contra-angle Handpiece (20:1) x 1
  • Contra-angle Handpiece (1:4.2) x 1
  • Motor & Motor Cable x 1
  • Handpiece Stand x 1
  • Protective Plug x 1
  • Foot Pedal x 1
  • Bracket x 1
  • Tube Holder x 8
  • Irrigation Tube x 5
  • USB x 1


  • Maximum power: 120VA
  • Power supply: AC 110V 60Hz/230V 50Hz
  • Motor speed: 300r/min~40000r/min
  • Max torque(20:1): 70N.cm
  • Water supply volume: 5 level adjustable
  • Light source / illumination output: 30000lux
  • Input Voltage: d.c.30V
  • Volume(cm): 28×25×12
  • Weight(kg): 3.4


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User Manual 

WATCH: C-Sailor Pro+ INTRO

WATCH: C-Sailor Pro+ Operation Steps