DTE Surgery-X : Piezo Bone Surgery Unit + 2 LED Handpieces

  • Product code: F2M286

Ultrasurgery Unit for minimally invasive tooth extraction, Intralift, Sinus lift, Alveoloplasty, Apical cyst extraction, Crown extension, Crest Splitting and more.

  • The Surgery-X allows for better bone preservation and reduced postoperative recovery time, by providing ultra precise cutting, and regulated tip vibration amplitude.
  • The unit provides selective cutting without soft tissue damage and includes cold cutting mode to ensure low heat whilst cutting, and minimal bleeding for a clear view of the operation area.

Improved clinical use and patient benefits:

  • The optimised handpiece allows for high temperature sterilisation without loss of performance and LED function for clear, precise practice.
  • The Surgery-X boasts a 7-inch touch screen operation, along side 3 way foot pedal controls for optimal use.
  • 4 working modes include: Cutting mode, Periodontal mode, Endodontic mode, and Cleaning mode.
  • The highly adaptive unit and precise work reduces patient discomfort and recovery time through soft tissue protection and reduced swelling.

Micron Cutting:

  • Tip vibration amplitude is between 20-100 micron. Minimum incision is 0.5mm width x 3.5mm length. Work in a small operating area for minimal stress and fast postop recovery.

Soft Tissue Protection:

  • No cutting effect for soft tissues (Neural, Blood vessels, Mucous membranes…) to protect the vascular nerve and reduce tissue damage.

Watch the surgery X demo video : DTE Surgery-X Introduction


4 Working Modes

Cutting Mode:

Adjust power and water, determined by the bone density. Divided into 7 classes. Use classification to avoid over power output and increase safety during procedures:

  1. Level 5,6 & 7  (Class I Bone)  – Suitable for high bone density / Dense cortical bone.
  2. Level 3 & 4 (Class II Bone) –  Suitable for high bone density / Thick cortical bone.
  3. Level 2 & 3 (Class III Bone) –  Suitable for uniform bone density / Good cortical bone.
  4. Level 1 & 2 (Porotic Bone) – Suitable for low bone density / Poor cortical bone.

Periodontal Mode / Endodontic Mode:

  • Power and water volume are adjustable according to requirements.

Cleaning Mode:

  • Self  cleaning mode – Step on pedal for 3 seconds to confirm mode. The unit will then automatically complete pipe cleaning for 25 seconds. Waterway (including pump line and handpiece) require cleaning after each treatment.


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Surgery-X Contents

Watch the video : DTE Surgery-X Introduction

Watch the video : Curettage of Left Maxillary Bone Cyst

WARNING: This video contains sensitive and graphic content, including footage of actual surgery.

Please do not watch if affected by such content.

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